I’ll keep this post short. Very short. I’m all for moving the mayoral election, ranked-choice voting and democracy dollars. It’s the strong-mayor system that I have a problem with.

I believe that the only way for Austin City Council to change how local government works and become stronger is to build trust with the voters that they are elected to represent.

What I don’t believe is that we turn mayors into tin-pot dictators i.e. mini Trumps. You build trust by making local governments more responsive, transparent, accountable, equitable and inclusive.

I read articles and post about RBG’s death. Hundreds of each. But very few addressed her humanity. The majority of them were about Republican and Democratic reaction and the political consequence of her passing.

What was left out was this strong woman who died of pancreatic cancer. She died due…

As staffers on Sen. Warren’s presidential campaign, we are honored to have worked for a candidate who fights for a better America FOR ALL. Sen. Warren ran on a platform of bold progressive ideas that included a wealth tax, $15 hourly minimum wage, single payer healthcare, canceling student loan debt…

Zohaib Qadri

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