Team Warren for Ed Markey

As staffers on Sen. Warren’s presidential campaign, we are honored to have worked for a candidate who fights for a better America FOR ALL. Sen. Warren ran on a platform of bold progressive ideas that included a wealth tax, $15 hourly minimum wage, single payer healthcare, canceling student loan debt and supporting the Green New Deal. Though Sen. Warren wasn’t able to capture the nomination, she has inspired millions of individuals to continue fighting for big, structural change.

As the undersigned former staffers, fellows and interns of the Warren for President campaign, continue to fight righteous fights. We understand how important it is to not only beat Donald Trump and his enablers in the House and Senate this election cycle but also how important it is to keep progressive voices in office. We have seen the likes of AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib all primaried but thankfully they have come up victorious. It is of utmost importance that we RE-ELECT Sen. Ed Markey to the United States Senate. We need someone like Sen. Markey who has spent his time in public service fighting for a fair, just and equitable country FOR ALL. Sen. Markey has spent his time on office focusing on climate change and energy policy, and was the Senate author on the GREEN NEW DEAL. We hold these values, among others, close to our hearts as individuals who spent countless months working hard to elect Sen. Warren.

Due to these reasons, we believe that the best option for Team Warren is to follow in Sen. Warren’s support of Sen. Markey and support Sen. Edward John Markey in his re-election bid to the United States Senate.

As Sen. Warren said in her own medium post, “So if you leave with only one thing, it must be this: Choose to fight only righteous fights, because then when things get tough — and they will — you will know that there is only one option ahead of you: Nevertheless, you must persist.”

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Zohaib Qadri, Regional Organizing Director (South Carolina)


Benjamin Biko Donnelly-Fine, Field Organizer (Iowa and Minnesota)

Yashi Gunawardena, Field Organizer (South Carolina)

Maya Grace Slaughter, State Political Director (South Carolina)

Stefan Turkheimer, Deputy State Political Director (South Carolina)

Ryan Thompson, Intern (South Carolina)

Alicia Nicholas-Gonzalez, Regional Organizing Director (California)

Duriba Khan, Field Organizer (South Carolina)

Ni Lavien, Field Organizer (South Carolina)

Zach Elvove, Regional Organizing Director (Illinois)

Jeanne Stuart, Regional Training Desk (Massachusetts)

Meg Schaefer, Mobilization Hub Organizer (Massachusetts)

Cassidy Chassagne, Regional Organizing Director (Nevada and Utah)

John Etienne, Field Organizer (Iowa and Florida)

Sarah Wulf, Mobilization Hub Manager (California)

Haley Alexandria Dansby, Field Organizer (Iowa and Oklahoma)

Sophie Carter, Intern (New Hampshire)

Carolina Freedman, Mobilization Hub Manager (Washington, D.C.)

Nelowfar Ahmadi, Field Organizer (Iowa and California)

Anthony Collins, Mobilization Hub Manager (Massachusetts)

Leidy Restrepo, Sr. Project Manager for Spanish Content (Massachusetts)

Israel Molina, Training Associate (California)

Jacob Coblentz, Special Projects Analyst (Colorado)

David Guirgis, Field Organizer (Illinois)

Jose Altamirano, Field Organizer (Iowa)

Shaila Bornstein, Field Organizer (Massachusetts and South Carolina)

Ari Goldfine, Field Organizer (Nevada and Utah)

Daniela Michanie, Field Organizer (Massachusetts)

Lizzy Ganssle, Field Organizer (Nevada and Colorado)

Ciano Moreno, Field Organizer (California)

Simeon Ike, Field Organizer (South Carolina)

Aron Johnson, Regional Organizing Director (Nevada and Colorado)

Jeff DeBray, Field Organizer (Washington)

Lauren Findlay, Field Organizer (South Carolina)

Samyuktha Mahadevan, Field Organizer (Nevada and Colorado)

Esther Chan, Senior Video Editor (Massachusetts)

Emma Mudd, Field Organizer (Washington)

Ryan Kearney, Field Organizer (Nevada and Colorado)

Megha Bhattacharya, Fundraising Associate (Massachusetts)

Bryce Peppers, Field Organizer (Iowa and Missouri)

Kayla Marquez, National Distributed Organizer (Massachusetts)

Parker Houston, Field Organizer (Iowa and Missouri)

Angel A. Alicea, Field Organizer (Iowa and California)

Elliot Richardson, Field Organizer (Massachusetts)

Leila Mohaideen, Digital Press Secretary (South Carolina)

Heather Ayer, Field Organizer (Iowa and Tennessee)

Herb Meisner, Field Organizer (Iowa and Texas)

Adrastos Andre Da Silva, Field Organizer (Colorado)

Eric Babb, Training Associate (California)

Sydney Gass, Field Organizer (Iowa and Texas)

Zoe Tran, Field Organizer (Iowa and California)

Ellen Sciales, Field Organizer (New Hampshire and North Carolina)

Patty Matos, Field Organizer (Iowa and Illinois)

Nadia Semmar, Distributed Events Organizer (Massachusetts)

Trey Roberts, Community Organizer (North Carolina)

Lindsey Rayner, Field Organizer (Iowa and Texas)

C.J. Robinson, Field Organizer (North Carolina)

Michaela Daugherty, Field Organizer (Illinois)

Amit Dadon, Field Organizer (Iowa)

Hailey Kruger, Field Organizer (Iowa and Texas)

Griffin Winkworth, Field Organizer (Texas)

Mike Gesme, Field Organizer (South Carolina)

Bobby Bauch, Iowa Training Director (Iowa)

Olivia Else Glen-Rayner, Field Organizer (Iowa and Tennessee)

Sonia Schlesinger, Field Organizer (Iowa and Ohio)

Joe Kent, Tech Lead (Massachusetts)

Emaly Abdou, Intern (Massachusetts)

Maddie Beecher, Field Organizer (Iowa and Texas)

Eden Alem, Field Organizer (Nevada and Colorado)

Calla Walsh, Fellow (Massachusetts)

Ben Baitman, Field Organizer (Iowa and Michigan)

Hanna Haddad, Deputy Data Director and National Reporting Analyst (Iowa and Massachusetts)

Peter Stein, Software Engineer (Massachusetts)

Catie Diaz, Field Organizer (Iowa and Texas)

Ernie Britt, Deputy Director Email Organizing (Massachusetts)

Nathan Maggio, Senior Creative Lead (Massachusetts)

Hannah Shepard, Field Organizer (South Carolina)

Kunoor Ojha, States Organizing Director (Massachusetts)

Joseph Kim, Community Organizer (California)

Ishvaku Vashishtha, Field Organizer (California)

Mia Ives-Rublee, Community Regional Organizing Director (North Carolina)

Gowri Buddiga, Field Organizer (Nevada and Colorado)

Emma Friend, National Distributed Events Manager (Massachusetts)

Shoshanna Israel, Distributed Channels Organizer (Massachusetts)

Mikala Paula Cohen, Media Strategist/Buyer (Massachusetts)

Rachel Risoleo, Field Organizer (Iowa and California)

Tisya Mavuram, Fundraising Associate (Massachusetts)

Harry Walton, Field Organizer (Iowa and Florida)

Jossie Valentin, State Director (Massachusetts)

Shereen Zaid, Director of Advance (Massachusetts)

Jordan Kelley, Field Organizer (Ohio)

Alex La Roche, Fellow (New Hampshire)

Marina Sullivan, Email Organizing Strategist (Massachusetts)

Michael Anthony Orona, Regional Organizing Director (Texas)

Any Ojeda, Field Organizer (Texas)

Ali Greenstein, Regional Special Projects Director and Regional Organizing Director (Iowa and Minnesota)

Michael Barth, Field Organizer (California)

Nora Gunning, Field Organizer (Iowa and Washington)

Christina Vapsva, Email Organizing Production Manager (Massachusetts)

Abhiram Reddy, Fellow (Iowa)

Raquel Breternitz, Design Director (Massachusetts)

Andrew Wasson, Field Organizer (Iowa and Oklahoma)

Kelly Hui, Fellow (Massachusetts)

Michael Galvan, Regional Special Projects Director (Iowa)

Samantha Day, Digital Organizer (Massachusetts)

Laura Edwards, Field Organizer (California)

Olivia Shaw, Advance Staffer (Illinois)

Taylor Nelson, Field Organizer (Iowa)

Jack Weller, Email Organizing Strategist (Massachusetts)

Dylan Cate, Deputy Director and GOTV Director (Washington and Texas)

Maria Leininger, State Director (Washington)

Maya Getter, Regional Political Director (New Hampshire)

Seferiana Day, State Community Organizing Director (Washington)

McKenzie Burton, Field Organizer (Iowa and California)

Laura Votruba, Field Organizer (Iowa and California)

Julian Miller, Advance (New York)

Caroline Kacmarsky, Field Organizer (New Hampshire)

Chloe Janes, Fellow (New Hampshire and Massachusetts)

Eli Stevens, Intern (New Hampshire)

Sophie Coyne, Fellow (Massachusetts)

Sam Stites, Field Organizer (North Carolina)

Dylah Ray, Washington State Training Director (Washington)

Cassie Castro, Field Organizer (New Hampshire and North Carolina)

Jack Dubow, Fellow (Massachusetts)

Jenny Chen, Intern (Iowa)

Trent Seubert, Youth Vote Director (Iowa)

Claire Cheramie, Regional Organizing Director (New Hampshire and North Carolina)

Sarah McKeen, Intern (South Carolina)

Stephen Bauer, Field Organizer (Iowa and Michigan)

Melissa Mejia, Field Organizer (New Hampshire and North Carolina)

Michelle Villegas, Political Director (Nevada)

Natalie Green, Community Manager (Massachusetts)

Grace Scoggins, National P2P Manager (Massachusetts)

Catherine Miller, Field Organizer (Iowa)

Felix Wu, Regional Special Projects and Regional Organizing Director (Iowa and Texas)

Lucy Stevens, Organizing Assistant (Iowa)

Kelvin Green II, Regional Organizing Director (Massachusetts)

Ngakay Wong, Field Organizer (Iowa and Colorado)

Zack Mooney, State Organizing Director (Massachusetts)

Rita Farmer, Field Organizer (Minnesota)

Sadhana Mandala, Fellow (Massachusetts)

Daniel Lander, National LGBTQ+ Outreach Director and National Youth Vote Director (Massachusetts)

Salvatore Vieira, Field Organizer (Florida)

Liz Hoveland, Fellow (New Hampshire)

Shannon Morrell, Field Organizer (New Hampshire and North Carolina)

Colleen Murphy, Designer (Massachusetts)

Nathaniel Romero, Field Organizer (Iowa)

Emma Healy, Fellow (New Hampshire)

Victoria Adams, Product Design Lead (Massachusetts)

Grace Abe, Illustrator (Massachusetts)

John Russell, Rural Outreach Coordinator (Iowa and Ohio)

Rachel Sandy, Field Organizer (South Carolina)

Kate Hilts, Regional Digital Mobilization Director (Massachusetts)

Sara Morris, Early States Operations Director (Massachusetts)

Ben Horwitz, Field Organizer (Iowa and Illinois)

Priya Mehta, Field Organizer (Iowa and Texas)

Sam Blatt, Field Organizer (Iowa and Alabama)

Nakia Stephens, Distributed Channels Organizer (Massachusetts)

Ally Benjamin, Field Organizer (New Hampshire and North Carolina)

Abigail Sokoll, Field Organizer (Michigan)

Teddy Waszazak, Regional Organizing Director (Vermont)

Logan Martin, Intern (South Carolina)

Becca Everts, Mobilization Organizer (Washington)

Jane Chung, Field Organizer (New Hampshire and Maine)

Katherine Swanson, Regional Mobilization Director (Massachusetts)

Libby Kernahan, Fellow (Iowa)

Fi Keane, Field Organizer (New Hampshire)

Sabina Dirienzo, Field Organizer (Iowa)

Julia Schultz, Software Engineer (Massachusetts)

Carly Colby, Fellow (New Hampshire)

Patrick Higgins, Software Engineer (Massachusetts)

Amanda Knightly, Field Organizer (New Hampshire)

Rizalina Hernandez, Designer (Massachusetts)

Sonia Storck, Field Organizer (Iowa and Washington)